Carnival, Education with sparkle

How we do it

“My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life.” 
Miles Davis

Simon Tipping and the Route Canal Arts team have a wealth of experience in engaging the young and the old in creative learning, making art accessible and participatory. Carnival and costume-making, flags and banners, lantern making, murals, giant puppets - using recycled materials, textiles, and sculptures.

Through our creative partnership ethos we encourage learners to come up with ideas, to learn through making and to actively problem-solve. Our creative partners will include everyone involved with the project: artists, teachers, young people, the local community and businesses. We strive to build confidence, nurture creative thinking and promote team-work.

Route Canal Arts employ an experienced team of professional artists that can draw on a diverse range of skills and areas of expertise to support schools in:

Enhancing the school curriculum at any Key Stage- connecting art to key subjects such as maths, history, science, DT, English and engaging the disengaged

Developing artistic and creative skills learning practical skills by being part of a team by devising, designing, making, performing and taking part.

Research investigating, skills share, looking, examples, networking, making.

Route Canal Arts can support and help you develop art workshops, an artwork, a carnival or lantern parade either through delivery, acting as a consultant or project management: behind the scenes activities, logistics, health and safety, applying for funding, recruiting artists, working in partnership, monitoring and evaluation.