Carnival, Education with sparkle

From prehistoric cave paintings to modern day films, art serves as a vessel for storytelling and conveying humankind's relationship with its environment.

What we do

Route Canal Arts provides an outlet of expression influenced by history, culture and tradition; we help facilitate the best possible opportunities in creative and cultural experiences for educational and community settings. 

The art forms we can provide include visual arts – drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpting and textiles; performing arts – among them music (Samba and Indian Dhol), dance, puppeteering, and theatre. Some art forms combine a visual element with performance e.g. carnival, film, lantern parades and festivals.  

We also have an on-going exploration , which helps create many opportunities to develop artistic vision and extend the boundaries of traditional art forms, carnival arts and lantern parades.

'The arts play an important role in enriching young people’s learning and educational experiences. Learning through the arts can engage and inspire young people, support key educational outcomes and develop skills that prepare young people for life beyond school. For many young people, particularly those experiencing the most disadvantage, the only opportunity to gain access to arts education is at school'.

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation

One size fits no-one

We deliver a service that is bespoke and shaped by your challenges and objectives.